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Guernsey Police are investigating after two people died in a road collision last night. A 27 year-old man and 25 year-old woman died at the scene of the crash, which took place at around 11pm on.

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Find exactly what you. External filming regularly included the gardens, paddock, driveways, fruit gardens, greenhouse, cider press and rockery.

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Office hours are 9. It is requested that researchers make an appointment before visiting the Archives. Please note that many of the records are in French and therefore require some knowledge of the language in order to read them. Most States’ administrative records dating from before are available for public viewing. These have been indexed to States’ records from the German occupation of Guernsey are also available for public viewing, including: In most instances, these are more easily consulted on microfilm at the Priaulx Library.

As well as the Anglican parish churches, the Archives hold the records of many of the island’s other churches: Records relating to the fiefs: These contain details in French of landowners on some of the fiefs of Guernsey, giving names, areas of land and details of major structures such as houses and stables built on the land; Manorial court records of Fief Blanchelande, Fief le Comte, Fief de Sausmarez these often require some knowledge of legal French, early-modern palaeography and manorial customs.

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Euro MEP Daniel Hannan lays out his case for leaving the EU As Remain campaigners are well aware, referendums the world over tend to be won by whichever side is opposing change. And they can hardly be blamed for making change-aversion their key argument. Fear of the unknown has become the mainstay of their case.

Guernsey: Guernsey Press. Google Scholar: Zuboff, S. () In the Age of Cellphones in public: social interactions in a wireless era ‘Making the Connection: Single Women’s Use of the Telephone in Dating Relationships with Men ’, Journal of.

Castel Church Ste Marie du Castro was built in the 12th century the church was mentioned in papal documents of but is situated on a site of pagan worship and history also suggests that a Viking fortified castle Chateau du Grand Sarrasin also once stood there. It is thought that locals confused the Vikings with Saracen another name for a Mohammedan fighting in the crusades. Early Christians took over the pagan site and In Neolithic female statue menhir was found under the Church floor in but it is not known for how long can it remained hidden.

It now stands outside the main door and has the outline of a necklace and head-dress. Flat stones at the foot of the statue are the Fief seat of the Cour du Fief du Lihou where the feudal court was held until the late s. A low window on the south side of the nave was used by lepers attending Mass in the churchyard. Inside in the North aisle, can be found 13th century frescoes. The church rather surprisingly is almost on the parish border but folklore has it that the fairies kept scattering the stones on the intended site at the centre of the parish near Les Eturs road.

Possibly as a result of this, further chapels were built in the outlying districts. The Chapel of St George was demolished in the 18th century but near to the estate bearing his name, can be found the feudal courthouse of the Fief Le Compte and the holy well of St George which is said to have healing properties. In , when the church floor was lifted to enable repairs to be carried out, workmen discovered and called in Archaeological Officer Heather Sebire.

She identified it as a bell casting pit dating back to the s when French bell founder Paul Bourdin visited a number of local churches. A Fleur-de-lis which was his trade mark was found on pieces of the mould. In , former bailiff Edgar McCullough excavated the west end of the church believing that it was a site of a Roman building, but narrowly missed discovering the bell pit.

Guernsey, WY

Up to 6, BC, the islands were in fact part of the French mainland until the Ice Age came to an end. Discoveries in the 20th century have shown evidence of mankind dating back to 5, BC New Stone Age when tribes, possibly from Spain moved here. All around Guernsey are traces of neolithic man, including defensive earth works, menhirs and dolmens.

The Guernsey Annual Housing Stock Bulletin, which was first published in March , containing detailed information on the number, type, size and location of Guernsey’s domestic property units. An annual supplementary bulletin containing information including rents and earnings ratios, which has been published since

Map of the parishes of Guernsey. Economy Sure telephone boxes on Guernsey Unlike many countries, Guernsey has not delegated money-creation to the central bank and has instead issued interest-free money from to , stimulating the growth of economy after Napoleon’s wars without creating public debt and without increasing taxes. There is evidence that introducing fiat money either via a central bank or without one “stimulates the growth of the economy”[citation needed] in the long term.

Also gold and silver coin remained money in Guernsey in the period to – and indeed long after. Light tax and death duties make Guernsey a popular offshore finance centre for Private equity funds. However, while Guernsey is not a member of the European Union , the EU is forcing Guernsey to comply more and more with its rules.

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It is thought to be a 3rd-century Roman cargo vessel and was probably at anchor or grounded when the fire broke out. The island of Guernsey and the other Channel Islands represent the last remnants of the medieval Duchy of Normandy. This intensified during the Hundred Years War , when, starting in , the island was occupied by the Capetians on several occasions.

Owain and his dark-haired mercenaries were later absorbed into Guernsey legend as invading fairies from across the sea.

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The first form of defences comprised safe locations for the islanders to flee to in the event of an invasion. Ivy Castle in The Jerbourg Point defences resembled an Iron Age fort, it comprises a series of ditches and banks across the neck of the headland, providing a short defensive wall behind which the people could retreat in times of danger. Dating from 2, B. Nothing remains of the Castel fortress, apart from the parish name “Castel”, or castle.

It is suspected to date from Roman or Viking times and is thought to be located under the parish church. Chateau des Marais, also called locally “Ivy Castle” built in a swamp, a “marais”, using the natural wetland, supplemented with banks and ditches for defence built in the 12th century. It is not possible to identify when the medieval works were started, possibly in the late 10th-century. The Guernsey militia was formed in and would continue until disbanded in

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Employment Relations contracts, unfair dismissal etc. Contact Us – Employment Relations Share this page These pages provide practical and useful advice on employment and workplace issues. In addition, it explains current Guernsey employment laws and helps you to access further information. The Employment Relations Service provides free impartial and practical advice on all aspects of employment and workplace issues. It helps promote a clear and practical understanding of current and impending legislation or best practice where no legislation is currently in place.

Employment Relations Officers aim to encourage a constructive approach to avoiding or resolving difficulties and disputes that arise in employment relationships.

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